26 Apr 2013

A very sneaky preview!

Over the past few weeks I have been hard at work on my current project at uni. Our last module is an individual project, so naturally I have based mine around flowers! I have gone with the name "all things bright and beautiful" as I want to create a collection that is simply lovely and beautiful. I think flowers are quite special, and mean something different to everyone. They make me smile just because they are lovely, and I love to think that I could do the same for others through my work.

I am printing a collection of scarves, that I will be taking with me to New York, for the brilliant trade show; Surtex! And I cannot wait !

I am absolutely loving transferring my painting on to fabric! And here is a cheeky preview of some of the work I am having printed on to fabric!

I hope you like them! 

Sold to 

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