23 Sep 2013

Asia Adventure

This summer has been one of new and old adventures!

I was lucky enough to revisit Hand & Lock, an established embroidery company in London, who i spent a month with last summer! I loved seeing familiar and new faces at this lovely and friendly company and once again learnt an awful lot!

Thanks Hand & Lock!

But for my latest adventure three friends and myself set off for south east Asia for a month, travelling around Thailand, Vietnam and Laos! This is a new continent for me to explore and i couldn't wait to get absorbed in to a new culture.

These beautiful and incredible countries were each such unique experiences, and i couldn't have had a more amazing time. Each country has such a different feel, with its own fascinating history and such warm and friendly locals, but having so many similarities, making it feel like a new start everywhere we went and yet always so easy to feel right at home. And don't get me started on the food! (drooling as we speak...)

But there's no better way to describe these amazing places than through the power or sight, so here are a few images that i hope will inspire you as much as they inspire me.
Looking over Hanoi

Fishing village, Halong Bay


Beautiful details of the Reclining Buddha Temple

And again

And again!

Temple in Laos

Everyone knows the Phi Phi island

Waterfalls in Thailand, with water as cold as our own

Rice fields in Vietnam

One of my favourite places in Laos

Cheeky Elephants in Thailand, asking for MORE bananas.