26 Aug 2012

Summer Antics: Europe

My radio silence comes with explanation... Summer 2012 has held many exciting new experiences for me! The first of which is travelling around somewhere i have not yet ventured to, despite being so close... Europe! On June the 8th me and two friends set off to Prague, where we started our three week Inter-rail extravaganza! We had no plans of where to go, only taking with us our packs with three weeks worth of clothes and our purses, hoping to find accommodation in each place we went to as we went along! Go with the flow and take things as they come, my answer to everything!

So from the beautiful Prague we then went to Vienna, rich in art and architecture, having enough time to stop in on the Klimt exhibition (fantastic!), before continuing our journey to Croatia - Zagreb, Krk island and Rijeka, as well as a beautiful national park! We then managed to tear ourselves away from the stunning scenery, coast and friendly locals, to make our way up to Budapest! A very interesting city indeed! After a few days we then went up to Krakow, rich in history of the war. We made sure we went to Auschwitz, something i think is very important to do to fully understand and appreciate just how terrible death camps and the Holocaust was. After an emotional few days we then went for a brief stop in Berlin (I'll be back for more!) Before our final stop in Brugge, where we felt quite at home and were very grateful for some home comforts (CHOCOLATE ON EVERY CORNER) as well as a charming, pretty small town for which we are much more accustomed to, being country bumpkins ourselves and finding the bigger cities a little daunting at times! We had the best time we could have possibly had, but sadly had to make our way back home to England, so i could start my first work experience placement the next day! No rest for the wicked!!

But before i tell you more about that, here are just a few selected photos from our trip! Some inspiration to get me started to do some summer work before uni!

 Vienna - Food market (we spent a long time there)
 Brugge (isnt it lovely!?)

20 Jun 2012

Happy 80th Birthday Nan!

Today is my nans 80th birthday!
And what could be better than hand made gifts!?

18 Jun 2012

Support Your Charity Shops!

Today i went in to town to my local charity shops to see what little treats were available. Charity shops are perfect for collecting little gems for you to get creative with! Whether you're a keen seamstress and fancy buying and altering some clothes for yourself of for sale, or love collecting bits and bobs like buttons to use for crafts and even household tasks, theres always something in Aladdin's Cave!

And what did i find today, i hear you ask!?
Well, in my summer break i decided i'd keep myself busy and exercise my creativity and set up a folksy shop! I thought i'd sell some of my embroideries and textiles works etc, so i went out to buy some frames for my bits and bobs to be displayed in!

So do your good deed of the day and support your local charity shops! You never know what you might find :)

13 Jun 2012

Hermione De Paula

'Marguerite's Menagerie' A/W12 collection.

The most excited i've been about a collection...

Who wouldn't go crazy for these designs. Very original style throughout all of the designs, keeping them quirky but also contemporary. The colour palets stay fresh and young and make each design its own. Very addictive and just fabulous.

So much more to see at Hermione De Paula:


29 Apr 2012

Ashish S S 2012

Ashish collection for S S 2012. Loving the Floral designs as well as the quirky dress sense!


28 Apr 2012

Paul W Ruiz

I felt i had to do a post on this artist, who has been a huge inspiration to me for many years now. 

I looked intensely into his art work and style throughout my studies at A level Art and became completely intranced in the way he works, transforming my own style into something much more free and expressive. 

So here are a few of his paintings, and i hope you enjoy them as much as i have. 


10 Apr 2012

Screen printing and embroidery (both hand and machine) for a garment shape. Now, fashion is not my thing, and i sometimes find it hard to concentrate on garment shapes, but i love experimenting with new things and have loved the challenge.  I have focussed very much on a floral theme to fit in with the s/s 2012 trends. 
Printing away from the studios has been a challenge in itself! I have been using hand cut stencils (paper was a bad choice) and a protractor as my squeedgie! Improvisation is my middle name!

21 Mar 2012


Going Tata Naka for these exciting and quirky prints! 
 Like a moth to light for the colourful and lively designs!