21 Nov 2013

Bear's Den - Sahara (Official Video) - beautiful

Goodbye Minor Project!

For the past 9 weeks i have been hard at work for my minor project for uni. For this project i chose the theme of "Britain is Beautiful" which i will also be carrying through to my Final Major Project! i am so passionate about our lovely country and love trying to portray this in to my own work, with the intention to inspire others. I wanted to capture the essence of beauty and warmth for the viewer to perceive in their own individual way and to simply put a smile on their face.

Here is the final collection displayed in my work bay ready to be marked!

I focused mainly on scarves and handkerchiefs and the potential outcome for such fashion accessories, and the different ways they can me interpreted!

my own designs being displayed on a template from WGSN (top right) and my own illustration (bottom right)

My own design being displayed on template from WGSN

The collection will eventually be available for sale, so stay in the loop and keep an eye out for my future products! :)

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