29 Apr 2012

Ashish S S 2012

Ashish collection for S S 2012. Loving the Floral designs as well as the quirky dress sense!


28 Apr 2012

Paul W Ruiz

I felt i had to do a post on this artist, who has been a huge inspiration to me for many years now. 

I looked intensely into his art work and style throughout my studies at A level Art and became completely intranced in the way he works, transforming my own style into something much more free and expressive. 

So here are a few of his paintings, and i hope you enjoy them as much as i have. 


10 Apr 2012

Screen printing and embroidery (both hand and machine) for a garment shape. Now, fashion is not my thing, and i sometimes find it hard to concentrate on garment shapes, but i love experimenting with new things and have loved the challenge.  I have focussed very much on a floral theme to fit in with the s/s 2012 trends. 
Printing away from the studios has been a challenge in itself! I have been using hand cut stencils (paper was a bad choice) and a protractor as my squeedgie! Improvisation is my middle name!