3 Feb 2014

Designs for Fashion

The progression of my major is moving swiftly onwards, and I've spent the majority of my time painting. Painting on paper, on wallpaper rolls and on fabric, experimenting with my constantly developing expressive style. I have also been exploring the depths of my current favourite tool; a palette knife! Using both water and acrylic paints I have created a vast and exciting collection of paintings which i am now developing further into my final designs. These will consist of 5 lengths, that will be hand painted using procion and pigment dyes, and them embellished intricately and intensively on top. These lengths have the potential to be used for a wide range of outcomes, but I have been researching the possibilities for both interior furnishings and fashion.

So here is a brief example of my paintings, and the product outcomes for fashion:

Please note these template images have been sourced from WGSN.com, all designs are ©LaurenThomas