29 Apr 2013

Something different...

My style is often very painterly, and usually very floral! So i thought i'd experiment with photoshop (yup, still obsessed) and try something different...
I've gone geometric! Good heavens.

Using my paintings and photos of flowers, i have tried to create some interesting linear designs.

Here is the outcome...

28 Apr 2013

My First Competition!

 A few weeks ago i entered my first ever competition! HOW EXCITING!
And as the entry close date is getting closer i am getting incredibly itchy feet! I simply can not wait to see who the shortlist is! Fingers crossed!

I entered a tigerprint competition, as since working on the hallmark project i have been addicted to paper and digital design and couldn't wait to get my hands on competition brief!

Tigerprint competitions are great, as they always have one going and they are always fresh and exciting for new designers! They are also really straightforward to enter work in to, which takes away that extra faff and stress!

Here are the designs i entered:

Wish me luck!!!

If you are interested in the tigerprint competions, definitely check them out! Here is the link to their website:


26 Apr 2013

A very sneaky preview!

Over the past few weeks I have been hard at work on my current project at uni. Our last module is an individual project, so naturally I have based mine around flowers! I have gone with the name "all things bright and beautiful" as I want to create a collection that is simply lovely and beautiful. I think flowers are quite special, and mean something different to everyone. They make me smile just because they are lovely, and I love to think that I could do the same for others through my work.

I am printing a collection of scarves, that I will be taking with me to New York, for the brilliant trade show; Surtex! And I cannot wait !

I am absolutely loving transferring my painting on to fabric! And here is a cheeky preview of some of the work I am having printed on to fabric!

I hope you like them! 

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