29 Jul 2013


Over the past few weeks i have been eagerly awaiting some very exciting post; my first printed works on paper and fabric!

I have of course used digital printing at university, but this summer i thought i would branch out and find a company who i trust to print my work for me!

I have some fabric on its way that i will turn in to scarves, but today my paper designs came, suitable (potentially...) for either wrapping paper, or wall paper!

Not my regular floral style, but here is my first printed paper design...

If you are interested in printing some of  your own work off, i definitely recommend the Services of Spoonflower!

You can check out what they have to offer here: http://www.spoonflower.com/welcome

Can't WAIT to share with you how my scarves turn out! How jolly exciting!

21 Jul 2013

Welcome, Sunshine!

What lovely weather we have been having lately! And how very inspiring it is too!

Over the past week i have been enjoying the sunshine immensely, and have been soaking up all the sun and all its glory around the lovely Sussex! 

All this beauty around me has given me the urge to paint again, and to snap up lots of pictures everywhere i go!

Here are a few moments that i couldnt pass by:

I hope you too, are enjoying the summer!