20 Jun 2012

Happy 80th Birthday Nan!

Today is my nans 80th birthday!
And what could be better than hand made gifts!?

18 Jun 2012

Support Your Charity Shops!

Today i went in to town to my local charity shops to see what little treats were available. Charity shops are perfect for collecting little gems for you to get creative with! Whether you're a keen seamstress and fancy buying and altering some clothes for yourself of for sale, or love collecting bits and bobs like buttons to use for crafts and even household tasks, theres always something in Aladdin's Cave!

And what did i find today, i hear you ask!?
Well, in my summer break i decided i'd keep myself busy and exercise my creativity and set up a folksy shop! I thought i'd sell some of my embroideries and textiles works etc, so i went out to buy some frames for my bits and bobs to be displayed in!

So do your good deed of the day and support your local charity shops! You never know what you might find :)

13 Jun 2012

Hermione De Paula

'Marguerite's Menagerie' A/W12 collection.

The most excited i've been about a collection...

Who wouldn't go crazy for these designs. Very original style throughout all of the designs, keeping them quirky but also contemporary. The colour palets stay fresh and young and make each design its own. Very addictive and just fabulous.

So much more to see at Hermione De Paula: